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November 08, 2007

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A Study of "The Revelation of Jesus Christ"
by Rev. Lorne Pritchard.

A set of ten lectures
March 23 to June 1, 2002
Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church
North Vancouver, BC

Rev. L. O. Pritchard

In this series of ten 1 hour VHS video tapes, Lorne Pritchard condenses many years of study into this timely study as the stage is set for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The notes from each lecture can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click on individual headings to view that lecture's notes, or click here to view notes from all ten lectures.

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Buy the Complete Series on VHS

Disc 1 includes Lectures 1 to 3

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Lecture 1: Seven Facts About the Book of Revelation

Lecture 2: The Divisions of the Book of Revelation

Lecture 3 - Chapter 1: John's Vision of the Glorified Christ

Disc 2 includes Lectures 4 to 6

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Lecture 5:

Lecture 6: Introduction to Scenes of Earth During the Great Tribulation

This Revelation in Power and Great Glory will be History's Greatest Event

Disc 3 includes Lectures 7 to 9

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Lecture 7: A Continuation Scenes of Earth During the Great Tribulation

Lecture 8: The Final Continuation of Scenes of Earth During the Great Tribulation

Lecture 9: Christ's Return and 1000 Year Reign

The Second Coming of Christ to Earth Concludes the Tribulation
His First Coming divided the Age of Law and the Present Age of Grace
His Second Coming will mark the Beginning of the Age of Glory
Some things Marking this Age of Glory:
A World Full of Peace A World Regenerated and Restored
A World without SicknessA World without Famine
A World without Sorrow or SighingControlled Climate
A World of One LanguageA Perfect World

Disc 4 includes Lecture 10
and Jews Gentiles and the Church

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Lecture 10: The Holy City

A glowing account of the Eternal, Holy City, which God has prepared for Himself, His Saints and His Angels. Who are His Saints? Those who have accepted Jesus and His finished work on the cross.
We are Eternal Beings, our final destination depends on one thing - BEING SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS! ARE YOU?
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