Since 1977, Stuart Spani and Pat Morten have been involved in communications technologies. Starting from Multi-image sales, installations and large scale staging and rental projects, they have turned their expertise to Christian video production.

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Who is eligible
Retail Stores owned by Christians, Christian Churches, Christian Suppliers.

What you get:
15 Norlynn DVD's of your choice from a selection of more than 50. These DVD's are all suitable for small groups or Bible studies and are all licensed for public viewing or rentals. Also access to our entire library at wholesale pricing.

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This web-site is dedicated to 6 truths:
  1. The Bible is the Word of God – it is truth for everyone
  2. Jesus Christ created the world and everything in it
  3. Jesus Christ lived in the world as the supreme model for everyone
  4. Jesus Christ willingly took the sins of the whole world to the cross
  5. Jesus Christ was physically resurrected and holds the keys to Heaven for all
  6. Jesus Christ will come back as judge of everyone

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What's New from Norlynn

Voices Together

DVD's of the July 1, 2013 event held at Rogers Arena in Vancouver are now available.
Voices Together 2013

Angus Buchan speaking at
The Gathering, July 1-3, 2012, Nelson, British Columbia

Custom Tours to Mizoram and the Holy Land

View the Travel Posters for Mizoram and Israel.

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