Since 1977, Stuart Spani and Pat Morten have been involved in communications technologies. Starting from Multi-image sales, installations and large scale staging and rental projects, they have turned their expertise to Christian video production.

This web-site is dedicated to 6 truths:
  1. The Bible is the Word of God – it is truth for everyone
  2. Jesus Christ created the world and everything in it
  3. Jesus Christ lived in the world as the supreme model for everyone
  4. Jesus Christ willingly took the sins of the whole world to the cross
  5. Jesus Christ was physically resurrected and holds the keys to Heaven for all
  6. Jesus Christ will come back as judge of everyone

What's New from Norlynn

Good God!

Extraordinary moves by an Extraordinary God

This is a book in progress that will be added chapter by chapter as written. Please feel free to send it to anyone you wish. There is no charge but donations to the Bye, Bye Malaria Society are always welcome. Any donations will be used to fight diseases or in other ways to improve the lives of poor farmers in the developing world.

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